We Are District 26

I am committed to keeping taxes low.

I am committed to protect the quality of Florida’s aquifers.

I am committed to fight the spread of opioids in our community.

I am committed to stop the over testing of our children in Florida’s K-12 schools, and return to the basics of a quality and successful education.

I am committed to the repeal of the District Cost Differencial and to keep Volusia’s education tax dollars in Volusia County.

I am committed to the defense of your second amendment rights.

I am committed to individuals deciding on "their own" career path rather than Government deciding for them in our colleges and universities.

I am committed to the preservation of Florida’s wildlife and natural resources.


The success of small and medium-sized businesses have historically had the greatest impact on any economy and been key to job growth! When you pick winners and losers through corporate welfare, you undermine the opportunity for small business to flourish!! My job as your representative is to legislate away corporate welfare, help reduce bureaucratic red tape and remove unnecessary regulation. Getting government out of the way will encourage not only existing small business growth, but open the opportunity for entrepreneurship at all levels to truly experience the opportunity for success! When small and medium businesses can succeed, high paying jobs are plentiful.

Taxes and Spending

The more you tax a People, the less money they have to spend. Instead of buying a new car, they may buy a less expensive alternative... or put off the purchase. Instead of investing in new products for their business, they may put it off until better times. No matter how one looks at it, excessive taxation chokes economic growth and leads to stagnation and economic decline!! This means NO JOBS!!! By ridding of unnecessary government bureaucracy, less money is needed to run government. This means more money in your pocket to spend and a SECURE JOB!!

Government Overreach

Do we really need government watching our every move? Do we really need to spend so much money on surveillance infrastructure creating a surveillance State? Do we really need government to micro manage our businesses and workplaces and regulate us out of business or out of a job? A virtuous people have the capability of governing themselves, which was the vision of our Founding Fathers and we must never lose sight of it. Getting government out of the way is key to truly having a free society where people have the opportunity to innovate, enjoy life, and the fruits of their labor in their pursuit of happiness.

Local Control of Education

Local and parental control of education is necessary for there to be a cultured and highly learned society. Parents should decide what is best for their children, not government... and every individual should continue to have the freedom to chose their own career path, not government or corporate interests. Opportunity should be made available for every individual to pursue "their" dreams!! If I earn your vote, I will work hard to keep government from controlling the education of our children, and help teachers and parents do their job!


High Paying Jobs for Volusia


The Best Education Opportunity
Education Which Serves You


Advocating the Protection
of Constitutional Liberty

Michael is walking every step of the campaign trail to earn your vote.

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