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Michael Cantu was born of humble beginnings and is no stranger to hard work. Over the course of his lifetime, he has worked as a dishwasher, cook, carpenter, roofer, brick mason and factory worker. Michael was born in Columbus, Georgia, and moved to Florida in 1980. The oldest of four boys, Michael found his niche in the field of music and entertainment.

Michael has a wealth of experience in the work force, and a profound understanding of private industry. During the 70s, 80s, and early 90s, Michael toured all over the east coast and mid west opening shows for such well known artists as Foghat, Charlie Daniels, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, and many more. Michael also worked for a brief time as a Volusia County substitute teacher. Today, Michael and wife Stacy are small business owners in Daytona.

Michael earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Central Florida, and is active in local politics. Michael believes in small government, fiscal responsibility in our government, lower taxes, and better education for our children. He is focused on waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars, and intends to serve as a guardian of hard earned taxpayer dollars.

Michael is grounded in traditional family values and conservative principles. Michael and Stacy are members of the Shiloh Baptist Church and active members of the community. Michael and his lovely wife Stacy have five children who grew up in Daytona. All five children attended Atlantic High School. Michael Jr. is a physical trainer in New York, Cody served in the 82nd Airbourne and is a veteran of the Iraq war. Donald is a Deputy for the Volusia County Sheriff's Department. Brittney is a caregiver in the health care industry. Megan is a manager for a local drug store, and is also in college for Elementary Education. The Cantu's also have twelve grandchildren.

Michael Cantu


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Michael is walking every step of the campaign trail to earn your vote.

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