We Are District 26

Our Liberty Is Lost
When The People
Are Not Heard!

A Message From Mike

" I ask for your vote in 2018.
In November, District 26 will elect a NEW VOICE to serve you in Tallahassee.
My pledge to you is that I will be YOUR VOICE when decisions are made for jobs, education, protecting our Seniors and the many other major issues that affect our everyday lives.
The PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS need not apply in this election. With your vote, they will have no say for the voters of District 26 again.
A representative should represent their constituent's interest, not special interests! That's exactly what I plan to do!
A Christian conservative leader.
I ask for your vote. "

Michael Cantu

  • Small Business Owner
  • Political Science Major
  • National Music Industry Veteran
  • Traditional Family Values
  • Fiscal Responsibility in Government
  • Quality Education


High Paying Jobs for Volusia


The Best Education Opportunity
Education Which Serves You


Advocating the Protection
of Constitutional Liberty

Michael is walking every step of the campaign trail to earn your vote.

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